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Management System

By ShahJehan | October 28, 2016 | 0 Comment

Feature: (Available in Full Version)

  • Multi admin feature available
  • Admin can export Database backup.
  • Admin can create school event. And all user can see events in their calendar.
  • Admin can create school holiday. And all user can see holiday in their calendar.
  • Admin can set default language settings.
  • Admin can reset any type of user password.
  • Subject-wise attendance.
  • Student can submit leave application to teacher.
  • Admin, Teacher, Student and Parents can see the subject highest mark in each student mark details page.
  • Teacher can submit leave application to admin.
  • Receptionist is the new user type.
  • Bulk Import for student, teacher, parent, user and book.
  • Add calendar in all users type dashboard.

Feature: (Available in Demo Version)

  • Parents can see multiple student activities .
  • Section in class.
  • Teacher attendance.
  • Exam attendance.
  • Student promotion to next class.
  • Share media for student or all users.
  • Mail/SMS with template for any kind of users.
  • Any kind of user can send internal message with each other.

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